Unpredictable Beets
Ink on paper

Commissioned drawings as part of "Sammenstød", an exhibition of works in public space, RINGSTED GALLERIET, Ringsted, DK

This was one of two drawings which were made into large posters that were placed in public spaces around Ringsted, DK.

Unpredictable Beets is about body shapes, uniformity, alterations, and self care.

Further research for the drawing:
The sugar beet is widely farmed in Denmark and is one of two main sources of sucrose worldwide (sugarcane being the other). There are many varieties of beet including the Cylindra Formanova Beet - a danish heirloom developed in the 1880’s. Heirloom vegetables are less consistent in shape and the crops do not fruit all at the same time (in comparison to Hybrid vegetables). In the Southern US it’s common to eat the beet greens however I do not see that happening in Scandinavia very often. Looking at the cross section of the striped beet I was reminded that trees and bone could be dated from similar cross sections and was surprised to find that teeth could be as well. Thinking about bodies I connected my own recent top surgery and the physical therapy that I am undergoing to recover from that as well as the mental self care that I’m learning through therapy that led me to the cycle of: Sensation, Awareness, Mobilize, Action, Rest comes from Gestalt Therapy: Cycle of Experience. The idea in Gestalt Therapy being that the self is an evolving process and is in relationship to their environment.