New Performance for the Tiny Festival

New Performance for the Tiny Festival
After an earlier Covid cancellation the The Tiny Festival is an expanded form and is now 'a week of performance art, music, choreography, poetry, voice, sound, video and visual installations and interventions'.
I will be testing out a new performance on Thursday June 3rd at 17:00 and 19:00. My 22 year old self will be talking and moving with my 42 year old self. It's a gender adventure.
Everyone is welcome but you have to book a spot

Medverkande/Participating artists: Annikki Wahlöö / Benedikte Esperi / Cia Runesson / Lars Bergström / Cha Blasco / Annika B. Lewis & Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad / MC Coble / Virgil Dejarv / Anki Ebonsdotter / John Huntington / Anton Höber / Anna Koch / Lisa Larsdotter Petersson /Kennet Lundin / Olle Petersson / Birgitta Pettersson / Stollar som bollar – Petra Revenue, Björn Knutsson & Karin Blixt med gäster / Niklas Rydén med Konstkollektivet HÖGEN / David Sabel / Marika Schultze / Marcella Steen / Eva Svaneblom / Anna Svensdotter / Denis Romanovski & Elin Wikström / All our friends are stars'

 The festival is supported by the Swedish Art Council and the City of Gothenburg in collaboration with Teater Trixter. 

Group exhibition opening soon! CORPOREALITIES - CORPUS QUEER

Group exhibition opening soon!  CORPOREALITIES - CORPUS QUEER
11/5-16/5 2021
What is a body? What does body mean and how does it feel?
Welcome to experience corporealities, interpreted through sculpture in various materials, figurative tapestry, drawing and painting, performance and installation.
We are 8 queer, trans- and non-binary artists who exhibit together at Vulkano, Fältspatsgatan 6, Högsbo. The nearest bus stop is Olof Asklunds gata. Parking spaces for Vulcano's visitors are located next to the building. The building is accessible.

Participating artists are: Ajami Solros, Bianca Casco, the performance group Degen utan Namn, Esse McChesney, Horatio Loo, Jo Öqvist, Lex Eliot Rose, Lisi Hulthén Olofsson, MC Coble
Degen utan Namn is going to do a performance, the times for this will be published here.
The exhibition is made with the support of the City of Gothenburg, Kultur Ungdom and Vulkano.

GET READY FOR....Radical Empathy, A Continuous Score, Act 11: The Musical

GET READY FOR....Radical Empathy, A Continuous Score, Act 11: The Musical
Radical Empathy, A Continuous Score, Act 11: The Musical

Saturday 17 April, 19:00 CET.  Free online live performance and conversation. You must book a ticket in advance.  Do that now here!

19:00-20:45, Welcome by Lotte Juul Petersen, Director of Rønnebæksholm, followed by performance with a 15-minute intermission.
21:00, Q&A with P*D*A* moderated by curator Stine Hebert.

In April a new online performance by P*D*A*, commissioned by Rønnebæksholm in collaboration with freelance curator Stine Hebert, will launch on social-digital platforms. P*D*A* (Public* Display* of Actions*) is a collaboration between artists and educators Kjell Caminha, MC Coble, Andreas Engman and Jeuno Kim.

To develop the new online performance P*D*A* has collaborated with the following artistic partners: Anna Carlsson (musical theater/musical song composition), Dinis Machado (choreography), Sky Deep (soundtrack) and Inga Kolbrun Söring (stage/tech).

Taking its point of the departure in the musical genre, the new performance draws from the spirit of reform and education that defines Rønnebæksholm’s historical specificity, the serendipitous finding of singing collectively as a pedagogical strategy for raising awareness
and formation of a collective identity.

The new performance works within conditions of instability that compound the restrictions on movement and isolation from others, the anxiety and fear of illness, as well as the nationalisms and racism that rallies around the virus. Act 11: The Musical comes from the need to share vulnerabilities and coping strategies while aiming to be a space of both refuge and
action. Act 11: The Musical will rift on, borrow from, materialize, collage, and translate the social fabric around us during these precarious times. Woven in between narratives of personal reflections, institutional experiences, and public desires are ‘Public Service Announcements’. They serve as sonic beacons, urging vigilance when white supremacist powers and institutional violence amass in the wake of political instability fuelled by post truth politics, white fragility and entitlement during this raging pandemic.

Radical Empathy, A Continuous Score is an ongoing project that, with each act introduced, seeks to find new tools of action and awareness. How can the visual and performative literacy of art be shared and used collectively among artists, activists, researchers, and the general public to navigate the swiftly changing social and political climate?

Radical Empathy, A Continuous Score, Act 11: The Musical by P*D*A* is developed and commissioned by Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm in collaboration with freelance curator Stine Hebert. The work is part of Rønnebæksholm artistic program FællesRum supported by Det Obelske Familiefond and further support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Nordic Culture Point has enabled
this new work.

P*D*A* (Public* Display* of Actions*) is a collaboration, since 2017, between artists and educators Kjell Caminha, MC Coble, Andreas Engman and Jeuno Kim. They are informed by queer feminist performance art, street/guerilla theater, agitprop and Speakers’ Corners as well as by the differing contexts from which the members identify (Korea, USA, Brazil, Sweden and Denmark).

For questions, please contact:

SAMMENSTØD: Group exhibition at the Ringsted Galleriet, DK

SAMMENSTØD:  Group exhibition at the  Ringsted Galleriet, DK
SAMMENSTØD=a crash, to crash together, bumping into each other

I was invited to participate in a group exhibition by the Ringsted Galleriet, in Ringsted, Denmark.  The work was to be in public space with some remains in the gallery.  I had planned to collaborate on a perfomance PULSE however due to Covid-19 and not being able to travel I had to change my plans.  So for the first time I will debut a few drawings, made into posters that will be placed in the public and oversized postcards that can be taken from the gallery.

Here's a glimpse of them fresh off the press. 

Thanks to Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen for the invitation to participate in the show and for handling the printing and installation of the poster!

Ny kunstnerisk satsning finder i år sted i Ringsted, hvor Ringsted Galleriet med støtte fra en række fremtrædende fonde præsenterer en mere åben og pågående profil med udstillingsprogrammet, SAMMENSTØD.

I 2021 vil Ringsted Galleriet lade kunsten træde ud af de vante galleri-rammer og ind i byrummet samtidig med, at der etableres en formidlingscentral på galleriet. Med den dikotomiske læresætning: Art is art. Everything else is everything else af Ad Reinhardt er ønsket at blande kunst og alt andet sammen. Ikke fordi der stræbes efter en harmonisering af kunst og ikke-kunst, men for at skabe et sammenstød mellem kunst og hverdag, hvor kunsten i højere grad vil forstyrre hverdagslivet og dukke op der, hvor folk færdes og der, hvor man mindst venter det.


Talk at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center: "Performing Queer Resistance".

Talk at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center: "Performing Queer Resistance".
I am lucky enough to have been invited to speak on Monday Nov. 19th at "Open Forum", which is a student run initiative from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo that runs at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center (KCAC). If you're in the area we'd love to see you there. 

I'll be talking about "Performing Queer Resistance".
Thinking along with the social, artistic and political potential of queer performance art.

social (in) justice
mis (communication)
(in) action
in (ex) clusion
(sub) cultural mainstreaming 

Mary Coble is a gender queer artist and educator at Valand Art Academy who will discuss queer strategies of resistance through artistic practice and activism. The talk will include examples from Coble’s current research project Gestures of Defiance, which looks at symbols of protests such as the raised fist, as well as uses of tactical frivolity (such as glitter bombing or drag). Through live work and multimedia installations - including photography, video, sound and sculpture - Coble aims to manifest problems of bodily, societal and symbolic navigation particularly focusing on issues of injustice and normative boundaries. Recurrent themes in Coble’s work revolve around queer politics, poetics and histories, and the projects are often site-specific, research-based and - from time to time – collective and participatory.

Free soup: 18:00
Talk: 19:00
Khartoum are open 18:00-01:00

Event image:
Performing Defiance (2016), Documentation from the live performance 
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo by Kerstin Bergendal

Join the "PULSE (Gothenburg)" Workshop and Performance

Join the "PULSE (Gothenburg)" Workshop and Performance
On November 10th, 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden my performance PULSE (Gothenburg). will happen from 19:00-20:00. I am inviting collaborators to join in the perfomance by attending a workshop at Röda Sten Konsthall in preparation.  

Workshop dates are:
Sunday November 4th from 15-18:00
Wednesday November 7th from 17-20:00.

Collaborators only need to attend one workshop to prepare for the performance. As a collaborator you are also an ambassador for the project so once a workshop is attended you can also invite friends to join in participating in the performance.  

During this workshop we will discuss current responses to the Swedish election results and other political urgencies felt by us living in and around Gothenburg. Together we will come up with a series of ‘chants’ that we would like to send out during the performance on November 10th.  Mary will talk about the concept of PULSE and we will practice sending Morse Code light signals. As a collaborative gesture of solidarity PULSE merges activist and nautical language to amplify a collective call for action. This is also the aim of PULSE (Gothenburg)
No experience with Morse Code is necessary nor will you be required to learn it. 

The workshop will be in English and Swedish. 

You can register for one of the workshops by emailing Ola at: We await with coffee and cake!
In 2016, over 10 nights Coble climbed the Cinesphere in Toronto, CA, (a large structure that houses the first permanent IMAX theater in North America) to repurpose it as a beacon of protest. A series of Morse Code messages where transmitted from the structure to receiver collaborators on the ground positioned throughout Ontario Place island who then relay the message on using their own light source. The transmitted messages are composed of statements and chants used in recent and current protests and fights for civil rights selected from the artist’s archive reflecting a connection between past and current struggles.
PULSE was created in recognition of the lives lost and forever changed at the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida (2016).

Discussions with artists from "Ingen rök utan eld. Shout Fire!"

Discussions with artists from "Ingen rök utan eld. Shout Fire!"
Here is a short video from "Ingen rök utan eld. Shout Fire!" an exhibition at Röda Sten Konsthall with works also by fantastic artists Annika Lundgren, Felipe Mujica, Joar Nango and Carla Zaccagnini, curated by Mariangela Méndez Prencke.

Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score

Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score
Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score taking place on Friday Oct 26th, at 17:00 on Olof Palmes Plats, Gothenburg, Sweden. 
This is an ongoing project that I am working on with friends and fellow artists/teachers Jeuno Kim, Kjell Caminha and Andreas Engman. We have been working for over a year now on various projects together including This is a call to action which was a set of manifestations/ discussions and gatherings which was first prompted by the Nordic Resistance Movement's crowning presence in Gothenburg.
Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score is another call to action against the intensifying normalization of fascism that litters the public spaces and shape imaginaries. The aim is to initiate contexts for collective experience, demonstration, and dialogue, insisting on vigilance and direct process as a dramaturgical method. Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score will manifest in Olof Palmes Plats to re-activate a site that was recently populated by groups from all shades of the political spectrum including an SD manifestation, which triggered our performative scoring.
This is a part of a larger series of events organized and presented by artist-educators working in Fine Art at Valand Academy. Take a look at all the great events happening and come if you can!  
You can find our more about our performance and the other works that will be happening here on Valand's website: