*An Alphabet, featuring remote testing and slurping sfx
*Water in drain
*Dance Armstrong: Exhausted Breathing, featuring Grimes-Oblivion, Sons of Kemet-Inner Babylon, frogs, birds on Baggesensgade 5am
*PSA: It’s Never Too Late, National Coming Out Day
*What is Radical Empathy, P*D*A*
*I’m thinking about the generations of women...,Partial acceptance speech as Vice-President Elect 2020, Kamala Harris
*Log lifting
*PSA: We Are All Waiting featuring ring workout
*Poem, P*D*A*
*PSA: No Need To Be ‘Splaining featuring rock farting
*Wrinkle free laughter™
*PSA: Wrinkle Free Laughter™
*Wrinkle free laughter™
*Can the Artist Speak?
*Antarctica sfx, featuring Weddell Seals and a mumbled candy reading of “Whale Chorus” from DUB: Finding Ceremony by Alexis Pauline Gumbs
*PSA: Don’t Forget To Wear a Helmet.
*Dance Armstrong: Exhausted Breathing, featuring Joo Hyun Mi 신사동 내사랑 (My Shinsadong Love, karaoke remix, Junja Bunja) and Planningtorock Transome (DJ Rocco remix)
*PSA Questionable Questions
*Thank you for waiting, featuring laughing kid, a reading of We Work Too Hard by Rod Smith, P*D*A* scheduling, snoring, “laughter” stem from Movements That Matter
Radical Empathy, A Continuous Score, Act 7-10: The Mixtapes (2020)