"Gestures of Defiance" Zine, 2015
Edited by artist Mary Coble

This zine unites two strategies of resistance and gestures of defiance: The raised fist and the act of protest through glitter bombing.

"Gestures of Defiance" was made as part of the exhibition "Gestures of Defiance" at the Vita Kuben in Umeå, Sweden and handed out for free both there and at the Rapid Pulse Performance Festival in Chicago, Illinois.

This publication holds a collection of fist symbols from the 1960s to today as well as an introduction to the fist and glitter as gestures of defiance by Mary Coble. Two commissioned essays further contextualize the raised fist iconography: Lincoln Cushing provides a historical overview of the clenched fist symbol, and Mathias Danbolt offers a queer political argument for raising our fists today in a piece written on the occasion of Coble’s Protest in Pride. In addition, a short, reprinted text by Hadassah Damien describes how queer sexual politics and sexual practice intersect in the symbol of the clenched hand. Coble has also compiled a selection of glitter bomb examples, mapping out high publicity glitter bombings together with a contextualization of the action.

Printing support in Umeå, Sweden by arkitektkopia.se and the Vita Kuben.

ISBN: 978-91-982585-0-9

Performing Defiance (at MADE Festival), 2015